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Coming of Age Kit

The Coming of Age Kit is a program that fills the void for youth ages 12-25 years old who grew up in
single-family (or no-parent) households located in disenfranchised communities. Studies show that children of this caliber have a higher percentage of experiencing poverty from lack of education, and are six times more likely to commit a violent crime.

Program Structure

The Coming of Age Kit is a program that addresses core values to supplement the lack of guidance and structure derived from parental absence. The name of these topics is as follows:

1. Taking Pride in your appearance
2. Self-Perception and Self-Expression (law enforcement officer present)
3. Conflict Management
4. Planning Ahead
5. Financial Education 101, and 201(depending on age range 12-17 or 18-25)
6. Group Storytelling
7. Positive Affirmations and Self- Reflection
8. TREE Planting (optional exercise that depends on the purchaser providing the land for usage)
9. Graduation Ceremony ( two hour session)

Program Operations

For each participant will receive one swag bag that holds one tangible item to symbolize the topic of the day. (ex: The " Pride in your appearance will have one dress necktie.) Upon this, there will be adult mentors present that will assist with tying the necktie.

Each topic will be rendered for one hour by a different experienced facilitator, and the remaining hour will be utilized for Q&A and group participation exercises.

The Graduation Ceremony will consist of Food, Music, Award Ceremony, and a professional photography
session. (Family Members will be invited to take photos with youth participants alongside additional career professionals).

Program Impact

The Coming of Age Kit program is created on evidence-based tactics that are taught to cater to all facets
of learning. From hearing, hands-on, participation, and written exercises. This particular program
implements basic elements of community advocacy and leadership.

Program Outcome

Every participant is inspired and supported to become a community advocate, as our programs are
always connected to initiating follow-ups and mentoring opportunities. Our programs are structured to
support the growth of each youth who desire to make a positive impact in their own communities. By
providing a network of ongoing wraparound support for each participant, it increases their capacity to
focus on becoming the youth leaders we need them to be for changing the trajectory of their environment.

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